The importance of finance and banking marketing in the present conditions


  • Gheorghe PISTOL Faculty of Finances and Banking, University Spiru Haret


banking marketing, financial and banking environment, the market mechanism, the banking market, banking operations, forced banking operations, baking liquidity, evaluation of banking risks, relations with the clients


Taking into consideration the complexity and dynamics of economic and social life, in general, and especially actual environment which the economic entities and, particularly, the financial and economic crisis facing humanity, the role and the importance of marketing in the financial-banking activities is growing. This role is referring at: actual economic and social dynamism, providing financial and banking liquidity, managing financial and banking risk and customer operations. Responsible for the increased importance of the current banking and financial marketing are factors such as: significant increase in the services sector, in general, and banking one, in particular; complexity and dynamic of marketing environment, especially, the banking sector, increased competition regarding this area and, not least, the effects of the current crisis. In such a context, significant efforts are required towards the improvement of marketing activity, both macroeconomic and banking units in each part.




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