Protection and security of data base information


  • Mariuţa ŞERBAN Assist. Lecturer PhD Spiru Haret University


data security, data base security, data protection, integrity restrictions, control


Data bases are one of the most important components in every large informatics system which stores and processes data and information.Because data bases contain all of the valuable information about a company, its clients, its financial activity, they represent one of the key elements in the structure of an organization, which determines imperatives such as confidentiality, integrity and ease of data access.The current paper discuses the integrity of data bases and it refers to the validity and the coherence of stored data. Usually, integrity is defined in connection with terms of constraint, that are rules regarding coherence which the data base cannot infringe. Data base that integrity refers to information correctness and assumes to detect, correct and prevent errors that might have an effect on the data comprised by the data bases. 


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