Fads in management and their potential to lead managers on false trails


  • Lăcrămioara Rodica HURLOIU Assoc. Prof. PhD Faculty of Accounting Financial Management Spiru Haret University
  • Bianca Florentina PREDA Assoc. Prof. PhD
  • Gabriel MIHAI drd. Lecturer PhD student
  • Ion Iulian HURLOIU Assist. Lecturer PhD student


fad, management, gurus, false, performance


The increasing globalization, the explosion of the information age and all the changes on economic, financial and social level has affected the business environment. As a consequence, the organizations are trying to keep up with the competitive requests of the market, while the field of management is going through a revolution. The objective of this paper is to analyze the concept of fad, by underlying their potential negative effects when it comes to the performance of a business. The first section will present the role of managers in organizations and their attraction for fads. The second part will focus on the persons who spread these fads and the impact that unfounded beliefs about how to manage have upon a company. The last part of the paper presents the conclusions, by providing at the same time some solutions, so that managers do not feel in the trap of fads and their promoters.   


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