The importance of informatics systems for the sustainable development


  • Maria ANDRONIE Professor Ph.D.
  • Mihai ANDRONIE Lecturer Ph.D. candidate


informatics system, renewable energies, durable development, use of the renewable energies


One of the fields whose importance has been surging lately is the durable development, which is impossible to achieve unless humankind gives up gradually to the fossil energy sources and switches to the exploitation of the renewable energy sources.  This shift is mainly due to the fact that the traditional energy sources are limited, pricier and pricier and have a negative and irreversible effect upon the environment.In the durable development area, particularly the renewable energies, there are informatics systems used in a wide range of activities, from investments management and energy sources to the operation itself of their exploitation systems.  Such informatics systems may be integrated at a higher level, as the national weather forecast system or other specific systems.  


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