Specifics of the marketing audit in the financial-banking sector


  • Corrado De CECCO Management Consulting Professional Friuli Trening Services, Trieste Area, Italy, ESOMAR Member
  • Iuliana CETINĂ Professor Ph.D. Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Faculty of Marketing
  • Violeta RĂDULESCU Lecturer Ph.D. Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Faculty of Marketing
  • Mircea DRĂGHICI Lecturer Ph.D. Faculty of Marketing and International Affaires Spiru Haret University


marketing audit, marketing in financial-banking sector, services marketing


Broadly speaking, the literature on the marketing audit and marketing of services has developed on a separate track. The prerequisite for a particular framework in developing the marketing audit of services is that it does not take sufficient account on the services features, even if the marketing audit is similar with the one in services, too. This thing does not allow the company of services to benefit from the advantages of the audit marketing.   


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