Journal History

The magazine Annals of Spiru Haret University – Economic Series was founded in 2000 at the initiative of two professors of Spiru Haret University: professor Ph. D. Gheorghe Zaman – also corresponding member of the Romanian Academy and professor Ph. D. Constantin Mecu. Between 2004 - 2010 the magazine is headed by professor Ph. D. Constantin Mecu, as editor in chief and associate professor Ph.D. Aurelian A. Bondrea, as deputy editor, both of them vice-rectors of the university. In 2011, associate professor Ph.D. Aurelian A. Bondrea, rector of the university, takes over the presidency as editor in chief and leads the magazine untill present.

            The Annals of Spiru Haret University – Economic Series is issued annually starting the year 2000, until 2009. In 2007, the Annals of Spiru Haret University – Economics Series obtained the B quotation of The National Council of Research in Higher Education in Romania,  becoming a publication of real scientific interest.

            Starting 2010, the annals have a new format, with a four-annual issuance exclusively in English, with both redaction and review conditions comparable to the most rigorous international requirements.

            In its pages, the members of the teaching personnel - professors, associate professors, lecturers and teaching assistants active in six economics faculties and distinct specialty departments, as well as in the Central Scientific Research Institute, functioning within Spiru Haret University - present the results of their scientific research. The publication also hosts many studies of professors and researchers from other universities and research institutes all over the world.

            The theme of the publication firstly reflects the concern for the modernization of teaching economic science in University: marketing, management, finance, banking, accounting, audit, international economic relations, trade, business, tourism, administrative data processing, politic economy, commercial law, cybernetics, environmental economics, statistics, ethics in economics, insurance, advocacy & lobby , economic philosophy, econometrics etc.

            In the published materials are analysed theoretical and practical issues of edification and consolidation of the Romanian market economy, as well as the fundamental directions of the technical and scientific progress, the actual state and ways of its promotion in the Romanian economy, the issue of developing the new world economy, the directions of globalization and contemporaneous economic integration and Romania’s participation to these processes. Also, there are hosted articles that refer to different aspects of economic phenomena from all over the world.

            The editing team and the scientific advisors are Romanian intellectual personalities - members of the academy, professors, specialists in different fields of the practical economic and social activities. As reviewers have been engaged in scientific committee different professors and personalities in economic field coming from economics and academic institutions in our country, like : Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest, West University from Timisoara, The National Scientific Research Institute for Labor and Social Protection Bucharest, The Romanian Court of Auditors, The Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania – CECCAR, Institute of National Economy and The Economic and Legal Sciences Department from Romanian Academy, etc. Among them, we also find members of the academia, professors and researchers from other countries of the world : United Kingdom, France, Italy, Norway, North Ireland, The Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Turkey, Slovenia, Republic of Macedonia, Australia, etc.

            As a response to the public interest the publication is sent to the libraries in Bucharest and Romania as well as to other universities and economic faculties abroad.